Japanese Matcha mousse cake

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Mousse is a sweetened dessert with whipped cream as a base. A bunch of tasty and wonderful things can be added to the base, such as melted chocolate (for chocolate mousse), puréed fruit, fruit curd, or a prepared custard (like pudding or crème anglaise, a “vanilla sauce” of dairy base and thickened with egg yolks made on the stovetop. Aerators, such as whipped cream, meringue (which is egg whites and sugar), pâte à bombe (whole eggs and/or egg yolks plus sugar), or a combination are folded into the base to make it light and fluffy. Gelatin is used as a stabilizer. The mix is then chilled in a mold.

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3 reviews for Japanese Matcha mousse cake

  1. Emily

    Love the matcha, its so nice

  2. Amber

    My mum loves the cake

  3. Kelly

    This is the best mousse cake I have ever had

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